Virtual Environments: Admin Workstation

SecureDrop uses Tails for the Admin Workstation environment. In order to perform a fully virtualized production install, you will need to first set up Tails in a virtual machine.


For the instructions that follow, you need to download the most recent Tails ISO from the Tails website.

Only libvirt-based virtualization, on a Linux host, is supported.


For the Linux instructions, you will use KVM/libvirt to create a Tails VM that you can use to install SecureDrop on app-prod and mon-prod.

Create a VM using virt-manager

Follow the Tails virt-manager instructions for running Tails from a USB image. Then proceed with booting to the USB drive, and configure Persistent Storage.

We recommend cloning the SecureDrop repository into the persistent volume for testing and development, instead of attempting to mount a folder from the host operating system.